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Finding Tagged Notes
Don’t be misled by the placement of this menu choice; you can use these saved
searches to review your own recent work on a personal notebook as well.
Figure 16-9
Finding Tagged Notes
If you use tags to mark individual paragraphs for follow-up, then you need to know how to
find those tagged items when you need them. Your starting point is the Find Tags button,
in the Tags group on the Home tab. Clicking this button shows or hides the Tags Summary
pane, shown in Figure 16-10.
In essence, the Find Tags button acts as a saved search that finds all tagged items. The Tags
Summary pane offers some options to filter and group its search results; it doesn’t offer any
way to restrict the summary to only those tags you select, although you can collapse and
expand the display of individual tags in the results list. From top to bottom, here’s what you
can do with the Tags Summary pane:
Group Tags By By default, the results in the Tags Summary pane are grouped by
tag name. Use this list to change the grouping to display the results by date, section,
page title, or by the note text.
Show Only Unchecked Items Selecting this option filters the list to show only
those items that have a check box (such as the built-in To Do tag) and where you
haven’t clicked the check box to mark an item as completed.
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