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Expert Organizational Techniques
When you use the Create Summary Page button, items on the resulting page are
identical copies of the originals and include links to the original items. They are not,
however, synchronized with those items. If you click the check box next to an item on the
summary page to mark it as complete, the original tagged item remains unchecked.
Likewise, any notes you add to an original item are not reflected on a summary page
you created earlier.
Expert Organizational Techniques
Some people file using meticulously labeled folders. Others use a shoebox. In OneNote, the
shoebox is called Uniled Notes, and it resides at the bottom of the Navigation bar.
When you first set up OneNote, the program creates a single notebook, called Personal,
and saves it in the OneNote Notebooks folder in the Documents folder of your user
profile. The Personal notebook contains two sections, General and Uniled Notes. Initially, the
Uniled Notes link at the bottom of the Navigation bar points to its namesake in the
Personal notebook. (If you upgrade over OneNote 2007, the default Uniled Notes location is a
section in your default notebooks folder; it is not contained in any notebook.)
INSIDE OUT Point Uniled Notes to an alternate section
The Uniled Notes shortcut doesn’t have to point to a section by that name. You can
point the Uniled Notes shortcut to any section in any notebook and use it as a
oneclick way to jump to that location. To make the change, click File, Options, and then
modify the Uniled Notes Section location on the Save & Backup tab.
So why does Uniled Notes exist? Its primary purpose is to give you a single destination
for screen clippings, printouts, and stuff you collect while browsing web pages or working
in Outlook. Rather than specify a destination for each item, you can send them to a new
page in Uniled Notes. That lets you surf, clip, and print without interruption and then sift
through your Uniled Notes section later, at your leisure.
You can customize the destination for all of these Send To options. To do so, click File, click
Options, and then adjust the settings on the Send To OneNote tab. By default, each option
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