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Backing Up and Recovering Notebooks
in this list is initially set to Always Ask Where To Send. Figure 16-11 shows the results after
we adjusted the settings.
Use this dialog box to set default locations for common Send To interactions
between other programs and OneNote.
Figure 16-11
Several of the settings in this dialog box can be set automatically from the Send To Location
dialog box.
For details on how web clippings and screen clippings work, see “Using Links for Quick
Connections” on page 530. For instructions on how to create links between Outlook items and
OneNote, see “Using OneNote with Outlook” on page 547.
Backing Up and Recovering Notebooks
By default, OneNote is configured to create automatic daily backups of every open
notebook and to keep the two most recent backup sets for each notebook in a local folder,
regardless of the actual location of the notebook itself. You can change the frequency and
the number of saved backups, as well as the location of the backup folder. (And yes, the
hidden Recycle Bin section for each notebook is backed up as well.) To view the current
settings and change them if necessary, click File, and then click Options. Figure 16-12 shows
the Save & Backup tab in the OneNote Options dialog box.
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