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Using Office Anytime Upgrade
Figure 2-5 If you choose to keep only some older programs, remove the check mark next to the
programs you want to keep. (Yes, it’s somewhat counterintuitive, so read the text carefully before
you click Upgrade.)
When you no longer need your older version—or, heaven forbid, you decide not to use
Office 2010—you can uninstall either one. In Control Panel, open the program
management application (in Windows 7 and Windows Vista it’s called Programs And Features; in
Windows XP it’s Add Or Remove Programs). Select the Office version you want to remove
and then click Uninstall (in Windows XP, click Remove).
Using Office Anytime Upgrade
If you have a retail edition of Office installed (that is, Home and Student, Home and
Business, or Professional), you might’ve noticed a feature called Office Anytime Upgrade. This
feature, which you can find on the Start menu in the Microsoft Office\Microsoft Office 2010
Tools folder, provides a convenient way to purchase an edition with more programs and
capabilities. The entire process, from payment through installation, can be handled online.
Check the offering carefully, however. At the time of this topic’s publication, purchasing
through Anytime Upgrade does not provide any credit for the edition you already own.
To take a look, open the aforementioned Start menu item. (With Windows 7 and Windows
Vista, the easiest way to do that is to type upgrade in the Start menu search box, and then
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