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Backing Up and Recovering Notebooks
INSIDE OUT You might have more backups than you think
The default backup settings in OneNote allow you to recover from accidental deletions
for up to two days. But what if you discover that the page you desperately need right
now went missing last week or last month? If you’re using any edition of Windows 7
or the Business or Ultimate editions of Windows Vista, you might be able to locate
older backup copies. In Windows Explorer, open your My Documents folder, right-click
the OneNote Notebooks folder, and click Restore Previous Versions. Depending on
your Windows settings, you might have days’ or weeks’ worth of previous versions to
restore. Ironically, you can even find previous versions of the backups in your Backup
folder (%LocalAppData%\Microsoft\OneNote\14.0\Backup). If you use an alternative
backup strategy, such as Windows Home Server, be sure to check those backup copies
as well.
To restore all or part of a deleted page or section, double-click the backup file and open a
read-only copy in OneNote. (The title bar should help you confirm that the section is
readonly.) Because the newly opened section is not part of a currently open notebook, it and
any other backups you open appear as part of a new Open Section tab at the bottom of
the Navigation bar. You can drag sections or pages from the read-only backup to any
notebook or section in the Navigation bar to copy them to that location. Alternatively, you can
right-click any section tab or page tab in the read-only backup, choose Move Or Copy from
the shortcut menu, and select an existing notebook or section as a destination. You can also
skim through individual pages and copy text, graphics, or other items from any page to an
existing or new notebook.
If you or a co-worker changed part of a page you’ve been working on, you might be able to
recover all or part of the earlier version. See our discussion in “Sharing and Synchronizing
Notebooks” on page 561.
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