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Sending E-Mail Messages to OneNote
The solution? For contacts, appointments, and meetings, link a OneNote page to the
corresponding Outlook item. A button on the Outlook ribbon makes it easy to create the linked
page initially, after which you can click a link in either program to move from the item to
the OneNote page and vice versa. You can send any task to a OneNote page or, conversely,
turn any paragraph on a OneNote page into an Outlook task, complete with a little red lag
that allows you to jump to the associated task.
But we start with the simplest and most useful connection of all: sending an e-mail
message from Outlook to OneNote.
Sending E-Mail Messages to OneNote
Some e-mail messages are worth saving outside your e-mail store. For a frustration-free
vacation, you probably want to save e-mailed confirmations of hotel reservations and
e-tickets for plane or train travel. When you purchase software online, the publisher might
send license information and product keys that you’ll want to keep at hand if you need
to reinstall and reactivate the software at a later date. If your research project at school or
work includes any interviews conducted via e-mail, you’ll want to save that correspondence
along with your other notes.
You can send an entire e-mail (with attachments) to a OneNote page with a single click.
You can use this technique for simple archiving of important e-mail messages, or you can
add those messages to a OneNote page and add notes or other details. In Outlook, you can
find a Send To OneNote button (labeled OneNote and located in the Move group on the
Home tab) when you’re viewing a mail message, either in the message list or in a message
window. Click that button, choose a destination in OneNote, and your message appears on
the page you selected, as shown in Figure 17-1.
As this example illustrates, the saved message includes essential information from the
e-mail header, as well as attachments and the entire message body. Neither OneNote nor
Outlook maintains a link between the original message and the saved copy. Changes you
make in Outlook (including deleting the message) do not affect the saved copy of the
message in OneNote; likewise, when you edit the saved message in OneNote, the original
message in Outlook is untouched.
For an in-depth discussion of how to organize e-mail in Outlook, see “Organizing E-Mail
Messages” on page 757.
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