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Linking Outlook Contacts to OneNote Pages
Figure 17-1 Outlook messages that you send to OneNote include attachments. If your voicemail
system sends phone messages to e-mail, you can archive them in OneNote.
Linking Outlook Contacts to OneNote Pages
Each entry in your Outlook Contacts folder represents a relationship. You’re most likely
to open that contact item when you want to make a phone call, send an e-mail message,
address an envelope, or perform some other action associated with the person or company
whose details are saved there. The relatively small Notes box in a contact item is good for
adding little details about a contact (“Met at tradeshow in Scranton, Jan 2009”), but it’s
a terrible place for keeping detailed records of your interactions with someone. For that,
OneNote is a much better choice.
With minimal effort, you can tie an Outlook item and a OneNote page together so that
jumping from one location to the other takes a single click. Changes you make in each
place are completely independent; the link is simply a navigational aid.
From any Outlook contact item, click the OneNote button. (The ScreenTip identifies this
button as Linked Contact Notes. You’ll find it in the Actions group on the Home tab, in
slightly different locations depending on whether you’re viewing a single contact or a
selection from the folder view.) If there’s no matching page, OneNote creates a new page in
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