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Linking Outlook Contacts to OneNote Pages
the default location for new contact notes or asks you to select a section for the new page.
If the linked page already exists, clicking this button opens it and allows you to add new
notes or review notes you entered previously. You cannot create a new set of linked contact
notes on an existing OneNote page; instead, create a new page and then copy or move the
notes from that other page to the newly created page.
For a full discussion of how to work with contacts in Outlook, see “Organizing Your Contacts”
on page 715.
For details on how to customize the default locations for saving contacts and other Outlook
items in OneNote, see “Printing, Publishing, and Sharing Notes” on page 566.
What appears in OneNote? The name of the Outlook contact becomes the title of a new
page in the section you specify. A handful of fields from the contents of the Outlook item
are added in a new table at the top of that page, as shown in Figure 17-2.
Figure 17-2 If the details you need about a contact aren’t in this default set, click Link To
Outlook Item and see the full contact item in Outlook.
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