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Connecting Appointments and Meetings to OneNote
INSIDE OUT Link an entire Contacts folder to OneNote
When you select multiple items in an Outlook Contacts folder, clicking the OneNote
button creates a new page for any selected contact that does not already have a linked
page. It then opens or switches to OneNote and shows you the linked page for the last
contact you clicked in the current selection. If you like the idea of linked Contact notes
and want to dive right in, open the Contacts folder, press Ctrl+A to select all items,
and then click OneNote on the Home tab. When Outlook finishes, you have a single
section filled with linked pages, one for each item in your Contacts folder. A big
advantage of this strategy is that your entire Contacts folder is available from the search box
in OneNote, and you can link other OneNote pages or sections to the page for each
contact. The biggest gotcha: you have to remember to manually add or delete the
associated OneNote pages each time you add or delete a contact.
Outlook keeps taking you to a deleted OneNote page
When you link an Outlook item to a OneNote page, the link is based on GUIDs in
OneNote. That’s good news most of the time because you can move a page of contact
notes to a new OneNote section without worrying about breaking the link. The link
tracking is, perhaps, a little too smart. If you delete a OneNote contact notes page so
you can start fresh, OneNote “ixes” the link so it points to the deleted page in the
OneNote Recycle Bin. Check the section tabs above the contents pane. If you see that
the current page is in the Deleted Pages section, that’s what happened to you. The
solution is to right-click the page tab and click Delete. That removes the page
permanently. Now go back to Outlook, open that contact item, and click the OneNote
command on the Home tab. This time you’ll get a new page with the correct title and link.
Connecting Appointments and Meetings to OneNote
With Outlook appointments and meetings, you can take your choice of two ways to
connect to OneNote. Which option should you choose? That depends. Do you simply want to
copy the details of a meeting into a notes page and add some comments? Or do you want
to create a link between the Outlook item and the OneNote page?
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