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Connecting Appointments and Meetings to OneNote
Adding details from an appointment or a meeting item to a page is simple. Create a new
page, or click to position the insertion point on an existing page. Then, in the Outlook
group on the Home tab, click Meeting Details. That opens a list showing all appointments
on your calendar that are scheduled to start today.
The assumption on this list is that you’re preparing to take notes for a meeting that’s about
to begin. If that’s the case, and the meeting is on your calendar, click its entry in the
Meeting Details list to add a small table to the current OneNote page, containing the subject,
date, time, location, and attendees for the meeting, as drawn from your calendar. Click
under the Notes heading to begin adding your own comments.
If you want to link a meeting to a OneNote page, make the connection by starting in
Outlook. Select the meeting or appointment item in your Calendar, and then click OneNote
(you’ll find this command in the Actions group on the Meeting or Appointment tab). As
is the case with a contact, clicking this button creates a new page, if one does not exist
already, or jumps to an existing linked page. The details that are sent to the OneNote page
are similar to those you see if you use the Meeting Details menu from OneNote. The
difference? Under the meeting details is a generic bit of text: Link To Outlook Item. That
hyperlink jumps to the linked appointment or meeting item in Outlook.
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