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Using Outlook Tasks with OneNote
Figure 17-3 Click the OneNote button to create a new linked page in OneNote, with a page title
there that matches the Subject here.
After saving the task, click the Send To OneNote button in the Actions group on the Home
tab. If you choose a OneNote section, you get a new OneNote page whose title is the same
as the text in the Subject field of your new task, and you’re taken to the newly created
page. Nothing else is copied to OneNote from that task—no body text, no start or due
dates, no status or priority indicators.
On the newly created page, begin entering the individual milestones or subtasks you want
to track as part of the overall project. Then, for each one, click the Outlook Tasks button
(in the Outlook group on OneNote’s Home tab) and choose one of the six available lags.
Figure 17-4 shows the page after we’ve created two tasks and while we’re in the process of
creating a third.
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