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Using Outlook Tasks with OneNote
Figure 17-4 The first five options on this menu create and save an Outlook task immediately.
The Custom option opens a dialog box where you can choose start and due dates.
Selecting any of the first five options on this menu creates a new task automatically and
ills in the due date (or no date) that matches the choice you made from the Outlook Tasks
menu. It also sets today as the start date. The sixth option, Custom, opens the Task dialog
box for the newly created item so that you can assign specific dates and make any other
changes. (And as the text on the menu makes clear, each of these options has an associated
keyboard shortcut.)
After the task is created, you can open it by using the Open Task In Outlook option from
the bottom of the menu.
Each task you create this way gets a lag icon to the left of the paragraph in OneNote,
which in turn links the selected paragraph to the newly created task. When you view the
new task in Outlook, as shown next, the contents of the linked paragraph from OneNote
appear in the body of the new task, with a Link To Task In OneNote shortcut below the
body text. The Subject is limited to 255 characters and is taken from the beginning of the
linked paragraph.
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