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Using Outlook Tasks with OneNote
The subject of a linked task doesn’t match the note
The options on the Outlook Tasks menu in OneNote are programmed to pick up text
from your OneNote paragraph and use that text for the Subject field of any task they
create in Outlook. If you select a picture or another nontext item on a OneNote page
and then click an option on the Outlook Tasks menu, you can still create a linked task,
but the body contains only the link back to the OneNote page, and the Subject reads
“[Click the OneNote link in task body for details].” You can and should edit the Subject
of the new Outlook task so that it contains descriptive text.
You can also create a task in Outlook and add it to an existing page. To do so, make sure
that Always Ask Where To Send is selected as the default location for task notes on the
Send To OneNote tab of the OneNote Options dialog box. Then select the specific page
where you want the task to be added. The Subject of the task becomes a linked paragraph
at the bottom of the page you select.
The Delete Outlook Task option (also available via the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+0)
removes the follow-up lag and deletes the linked task item in Outlook.
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