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Sending a OneNote Page via E-Mail
For more on how to use and customize OneNote tags, see “Using OneNote with Outlook” on
page 547. For more on how to manage tasks and to-do items in Outlook, see “Setting Follow-up
Flags and Reminders” on page 771.
Sending a OneNote Page via E-Mail
You can send a OneNote page to an e-mail recipient by clicking the E-Mail Page
command in the Outlook group on the Home tab in OneNote (or use the keyboard shortcut,
Ctrl+Shift+E). Doing so sends the entire contents of the page, including the title and date/
time stamp, to a new message window in Outlook. Add a recipient, change the Subject, edit
the body as you see it, and then click Send.
By default, every page you send this way includes a faint tagline at the end, advertising
OneNote. If you prefer a personalized message (or none at all), open the OneNote Options
dialog box, click Advanced, and change the text in the Add The Following Signature …
box, under the E-Mail Sent From OneNote heading. (Clear this option to disable the
taglines completely.) This dialog box also allows you to specify whether you want the e-mail
message to include a copy of the page in OneNote format and how you want to handle
embedded files on the page.
Linking Notes to Documents and Web Pages
In the previous chapter, we explained how to insert a link to a file or a web page into a
OneNote page. (See “Using Links for Quick Connections” on page 530.) That labor-intensive
process is suitable for creating one-off links, but it gets tedious and distracting if you’re
juggling multiple sources. For intensive, heads-down research projects, turn on the Linked
Notes feature and let OneNote automatically create those links as you work.
Using Linked Notes takes a little bit of practice; before you begin tinkering with this feature,
be sure you have a clear understanding of its requirements and limitations:
A page containing linked notes must be in a section that is saved in OneNote 2010
Section format. If you see the words Compatibility Mode in the OneNote title bar, you
cannot use Linked Notes with the current page.
Linked notes are automatically created and attached to paragraphs in your OneNote
Linked notes work only with web pages viewed in Internet Explorer, documents
opened in Word (any format), presentations opened in PowerPoint, and other
OneNote pages.
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