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Sending a OneNote Page via E-Mail
You can create linked notes only to documents and presentations that have been
When Linked Notes mode is enabled, the OneNote window containing your notes is
docked to the side of the screen with a simplified user interface (fewer tabs on the ribbon,
and no Navigation bar or page tabs list). A Linked Notes icon appears in the upper left
corner of the page.
To begin adding linked notes to the current page, click the Dock To Desktop command on
the Quick Access Toolbar (or use the matching keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+Alt+D). You can also
begin entering linked notes by clicking the Linked Notes command on the Review tab in
Word, PowerPoint, or OneNote, or by clicking the OneNote Linked Notes command on the
toolbar in Internet Explorer. If you have previously saved any linked notes using that
document, presentation, or web page, OneNote opens the page containing the linked notes and
docks it to the side of the screen. If this is the first time you’ve used Linked Notes mode
with this document, presentation, or page, you’re prompted to select a location for your
notes. You can select a specific page or choose an existing section and allow OneNote to
create a new page for your notes.
INSIDE OUT Choose the position of the docked OneNote window
By default, the OneNote window snaps to the right side of the primary monitor. If you
prefer it on the left, or if you have multiple monitors and prefer that it be docked on
a different display, drag the docked window to the new position. When you reach the
edge of any display, the window automatically snaps into the correct position. (If your
display resolution has lots of vertical space, you can dock the OneNote window to the
top or bottom of any display as well by dragging it to that edge.) To change the width
of the docked window (or its height if you docked it to the top or bottom of the
display), drag its inside edge to the location. The docked window can use up to half of the
available display. OneNote saves the position and width settings in the Windows
registry as four values in the key HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\OneNote\Side Note.
With the docked window in place, you’re ready to begin taking notes. Open a web page or
document in any of the four supported programs, and then click in the OneNote window
and begin typing your notes. As soon as you type the first character, OneNote adds a link
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