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Sending a OneNote Page via E-Mail
to the page or document to that paragraph. The link appears as a small program icon to
the left of the paragraph. If you point to the icon, as shown in Figure 17-5, a ScreenTip
shows a thumbnail image or a snippet of text from the linked page or document.
Figure 17-5 The icon to the left of any paragraph indicates that the note is linked to a web
page, a document, or another OneNote page.
If you select some text in a document or page and then begin to type a new paragraph in
OneNote, the linked note uses your selection as the text associated with that link.
Continue this way, clicking in Internet Explorer, Word, PowerPoint, or a separate (undocked)
OneNote window and then entering your comments in a new paragraph that automatically
acquires a link to the location you selected. To stop taking notes, undock the OneNote
window by clicking the Dock To Desktop command on the Quick Access Toolbar again, or press
As we noted earlier, you can identify a page that contains linked notes by the icon in its
upper left corner. If the OneNote window is docked, clicking this icon leads to a menu like
the one shown next.
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