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Sending a OneNote Page via E-Mail
The two options at the top of the menu are available even when the window is undocked.
Choices here allow you to find and open any linked documents or pages or delete links to
a specific document or page. Click Stop Taking Linked Notes to temporarily disable the
creation of automatic links while the page is docked; click Start Taking Linked Notes to resume.
Click Linked Notes Options to open the Advanced tab of the OneNote Options dialog box,
where you can disable linked-note taking completely and remove all linked notes from all
pages in the current notebook.
On a page that contains linked notes, the program icon indicating that a link is present
appears when the insertion point is in a linked paragraph or when you move the mouse
pointer over such a paragraph. To open the linked page or document, double-click the link
icon. To manage the link itself, right-click the icon, which opens the menu shown next.
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