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Sharing and Synchronizing Notebooks
You can use the second and fifth options on this menu to copy a link and paste it into
another paragraph on the same page or to remove a link. Both options are available even
when the page is undocked and linked-note taking is disabled. The Repair Link option is
available only if linked-note taking is enabled and then only if OneNote detects that the
current link leads to a document or page that is unavailable (because it has been moved
or deleted, for example). The Re-Link To Other Content option is also available only when
Linked Notes mode is enabled. To use this option, click the web page, Word document,
PowerPoint presentation, or OneNote page you want to set as the new link for the current
paragraph, and then immediately right-click the link you want to change.
Sharing and Synchronizing Notebooks
When you work with a notebook stored on your PC—in your personal profile—you and
you alone can work with it. But if you save a notebook to a location that is accessible from
your local network or over the Internet, you can access its contents remotely from multiple
PCs (your desktop PC at the office and a notebook PC, for example). You can also share that
notebook with other people if they have access to the location where the remote copy is
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