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Sharing and Synchronizing Notebooks
To make an existing local notebook available for shared access, click Share This Notebook
on the Share tab (or click Share in Backstage view, which leads to the same place). On the
Share Notebook tab (Figure 17-6), select a notebook and a location, and then click Share
Figure 17-6 Use this dialog box to copy a notebook to a remote location and make it available
for sharing.
Doing so copies the local notebook to its new location and begins synchronizing the copy
in the local cache to the new location. Note that the files for your original notebook are not
disturbed. If you want to delete the files for the original notebook to avoid confusion, you
must do so manually using Windows Explorer.
After you use either of these commands from the Share tab, OneNote offers to help you
create a link to the new location and send that link via e-mail, as shown here.
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