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Sharing and Synchronizing Notebooks
To manually sync changes for a single notebook, right-click its icon in the
Navigation bar and click Sync This Notebook Now (or click to select any section within the
notebook and then press Shift+F9). You can also select the notebook in the Shared
Notebook Synchronization dialog box and click Sync Selected Notebook.
To manually sync changes in all remote notebooks, click Sync Now in the Shared
Notebook Synchronization dialog box, or press F9.
Figure 17-7 By default, all remote notebooks are synchronized automatically. To allow only
manual syncing, choose Work Ofline.
INSIDE OUT Keeping prying eyes away from your notebooks
Do some parts of a shared notebook contain sensitive information? You can restrict
access to those sections by protecting them with a password. This option is available
by right-clicking any section tab and choosing Password Protect This Section. In the
Password Protection pane, you can set or remove a password for the current section.
After you do that, anyone who wants to view that section (including you!) can only do
so after entering the password you create. By default, sections are locked automatically
after 10 minutes of inactivity—you can adjust this setting by clicking Password Options
at the bottom of the Password Protection pane. Note that the contents of
passwordprotected sections are not available via search unless they are currently unlocked.
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