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Printing, Publishing, and Sharing Notes
Any changes made to a shared notebook are tagged with the author’s name and initials, as
well as the date and time when the change was made. When changes made by someone
else are synced to your copy of a shared notebook, the changed pages and sections are
highlighted in bold. Options in the Shared Notebook group on the Share tab allow you to
filter the list of recent edits and search for changes by a specific person. If you don’t want to
be distracted by the tags and highlighting alongside changed items, click the Hide Authors
command to suppress them. Click this command again to resume the display of author
Printing, Publishing, and Sharing Notes
How do you share information you’ve captured in OneNote? The right technique depends
on how much data you’re talking about (a single page, two or three sections, or an entire
notebook) and whether you want to preserve the OneNote data file format.
If you want the other person to be able to see your notes directly in OneNote, choose any
of the following options:
Copy the notebook or section to a Windows Live SkyDrive folder and give the other
person permission to view or edit the notebook. If the other person has OneNote
installed, they can copy pages or sections to a notebook of their own.
Save the page or a section as a file (in OneNote 2010 Section or OneNote 2007
Section format) and send the saved file as an e-mail attachment. The other person will
need to have OneNote installed to open the file locally; as an alternative, they can
upload the .one file to their own Windows Live SkyDrive folder and open it using the
OneNote Web App.
For a full discussion of how Office Web Apps and Windows Live SkyDrive work together, see
Chapter 25, “Using Office in a Web Browser.” To learn more about OneNote file formats, see
“Creating and Opening OneNote Files” on page 491, and “Which File Formats Does Office 2010
Support?” on page 76.
If remaining true to the OneNote format is not a priority, you have many more options
available, including exporting all or part of a notebook to alternative file formats and
printing your notebook to distribute in physical form.
In this regard, at least, OneNote retains its idiosyncratic character. Most of the Office
programs have a Save & Send option on the File menu in Backstage view. OneNote has
separate Save As and Send options there.
The Send option works only with the current page, allowing you to insert its contents into
an e-mail message, attach a copy of the page as an attachment to an e-mail message, or
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