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Printing, Publishing, and Sharing Notes
The format choices available when you select either Page or Section under Save Current
are identical. You can choose the OneNote 2007 or OneNote 2010 Section format, Word
Document (or the older Word-97-2003 Document) format, PDF, XPS, or a Single-File Web
Page format, which opens in Internet Explorer. If you click Notebook, your options shrink to
include PDF and XPS formats as well as an oddball format not found elsewhere. The
OneNote Package format (with a .onepkg file name extension) can be used to transfer an entire
notebook from one PC to another. Although you can also accomplish this goal by copying
a folder full of section files, the OneNote Package format has the advantage of residing in
a single file. To import a file in this format into OneNote, click File, then click Open. Set the
file type to OneNote Single File Package, select the saved file, and click Open.
The Print tab in Backstage view offers a downright spartan set of options for sending all or
part of a OneNote section to hard copy. The top choice is Print, which opens the Print
dialog box and allows you to select a printer and choose which part of the current section to
print. The second option, Print Preview, opens the dialog box shown in Figure 17-8, which
provides a thumbnail view of your printed output and allows a number of self-explanatory
Figure 17-8 Use the options in the Print Range list to expand the printed output to include a
group of pages or the entire section.
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