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Recording Audio and Video
If you Ctrl+click to select multiple pages first, you can choose to print only those pages.
However, the option to print a selection of pages from the current section is not available
when you choose Print Preview.
Recording Audio and Video
If you’re using OneNote to record the minutes of a meeting, why not literally record the
proceedings? OneNote pages aren’t just for text and pictures—they can also hold audio
and video notes, which in turn are synchronized with the notes you type. Later, when you
review your notes, you can add context and ill in any missing pieces by listening to the
original remarks. If your PC is equipped with a webcam or other video input source, you
can embed video clips (and the accompanying audio track) in a page.
To record an audio or video note, be sure your microphone is properly set up in Windows.
Then click Record Audio (or Record Video) on the Insert tab. That opens the Recording tab,
shown in Figure 17-9.
Figure 17-9 You can pause or stop a recording at any time from the Recording tab. The audio or
video file itself is embedded in the page, with a time stamp to indicate when it was recorded.
The recording process begins immediately. OneNote adds an embedded icon to the current
page, with a date and time stamp beneath it to indicate when the recording began. You
can now begin adding notes on that page.
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