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Recording Audio and Video
To stop recording temporarily, click Pause. To stop recording and save the file, click Stop.
After you click Stop and save an audio or video file, you can no longer add to that file. If
you remain on the same page and click Record Audio or Record Video again, OneNote
adds a second recording, with its own date/time stamp. Repeat the process and you get a
third icon, and a fourth, and a fifth, and so on. Each recording is independent and can be
played back separately.
After you begin a recording, you can type notes on the same page that contains the
recorded file. OneNote adds a synchronization marker—indicated by a small Play button—
at the beginning of each paragraph. Those small markers (visible only when the insertion
point is in a paragraph or the mouse pointer passes over a paragraph) are key to effectively
using OneNote with audio and video.
You can play back your recording in either of two ways:
To listen to the complete recording, double-click the file icon that represents the
recording. If the See Playback option is selected, OneNote highlights each
paragraph in your notes, using the synchronization markers it created during the original
To play back a selection that corresponds to a specific section within your notes, click
in the paragraph and then click the Play button to its left.
Figure 17-10 shows playback in progress. Note that the Playback controls are now enabled,
allowing you to skip forward or back, 10 seconds or 10 minutes at a time. (Use the
keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+Alt+Y and Ctrl+Alt+U to move 10 seconds backward and forward,
You can revise or add to your notes during playback without affecting the synchronization
markers. (The noteworthy exception, of course, is that deleting a paragraph deletes the
synchronization marker as well.)
To play the file in the default external player for that file type, right-click the file icon and
click Open. To save a copy of the recording in its default format, right-click the file icon and
click Save As.
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