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Recording Audio and Video
Synchronization marker
Figure 17-10 With the See Playback option enabled, OneNote highlights the relevant portion of
your notes during playback.
The default format for OneNote audio recordings is Windows Media Audio Voice 9, which
records in mono, at a relatively low quality that is more than adequate for voice recordings;
for video, OneNote uses Windows Media Video 8 format, at a quality rate determined by
your hardware. You can change either of these default settings by clicking Audio & Video
Settings on the Playback or Recording tab, which opens the OneNote Options dialog box
to the Audio & Video tab, as shown on the next page.
As with all such options, you have to make a trade-off between recording quality and file
size. If your goal is to capture details of a professor’s notes on a whiteboard or to record a
musical performance in stereo, you’ll want to choose a higher-quality video profile and/or
audio codec. For technical details about the capabilities of each Windows Media Audio and
Windows Media Video format, visit
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