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Using Side Notes
Using Side Notes
What do you do when you want to quickly jot down a thought without covering up what
you’re working on right now? That’s why Side Notes were designed. A Side Note, as shown
here, is a small OneNote window, with a lightweight ribbon and no Navigation bars, page
tabs, or other user interface elements that aren’t directly related to the current note.
Enter your notes and either leave the window open or close it. The new Side Note is saved
in the Uniled Notes section.
To open a Side Note quickly, regardless of whether OneNote is already running, the
OneNote icon (described in the previous section) must be in the notification area. Click that
icon or use the keyboard shortcut Windows logo key+N to create the new Side Note.
To pin a Side Note so that it floats above other programs as you work, click Keep On Top on
the View tab. To add a page title or move your new Side Note page to a different section,
switch to the full OneNote window with its full ribbon and navigation elements by clicking
the Full Page View command on the Quick Access Toolbar (or use the keyboard shortcut
F11). You cannot return to the simplified Side Note view from the full OneNote program
Converting Printouts to Text
When you send a file to OneNote using the Send To OneNote 2010 virtual printer, the
program uses its built-in optical character recognition (OCR) features to capture and save
any text included as part of that printout. The converted text is also added to the OneNote
index, which allows you to locate that printout later using the OneNote search box.
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