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Saving and Using Custom Page Templates
To copy the converted text to another document, right-click the printout and click Copy
Text From This Page Of The Printout or Copy Text From All Pages Of The Printout.
Text recognition uses CPU resources; if you’re using OneNote on a low-powered PC, you
might want to disable this option completely. From the bottom of the Advanced tab in the
OneNote Options dialog box, select Disable Text Recognition In Pictures.
To disable text recognition for a specific printout, right-click the printout, click Make Text In
Image Searchable, and then click Disabled.
Saving and Using Custom Page Templates
As we noted earlier, you can change fonts, add or hide rule lines, change background colors
and graphics, and add boilerplate text to a OneNote page. (All of these formatting options
are discussed in “Customizing the Look and Feel of a Notebook Page” on page 516). If you
want to reuse a set of such customizations, you can save the result as a Page Template,
which then is available for use in the same or any other notebook.
OneNote includes an extensive selection of ready-made templates that you can use with
or without additional personalization. To see the full collection, right-click the New Page
shortcut at the top of the page tabs list, or click the down arrow to its right, and then click
Page Templates. Doing so opens the Page Templates pane shown on the next page.
The ready-made templates are divided into five default categories, which can be expanded
or collapsed using the arrows to the left of the category name. Click any template name
to use it for the current new page. You can click through any or all the templates to see
them previewed on the new page, with each new selection replacing the previous one. If
you enter any text on the page, OneNote saves it as a new page, and clicking any template
name in the Page Templates pane opens a new page.
The two options on the bottom of the Page Templates pane are worth mastering. Under
Choose Default Template, you can select any template to use automatically whenever you
create a new page in the current section. If you use the section to take class notes or
minutes for a regularly scheduled meeting, using a custom template makes it easier to capture
required information in a standard format. In the case of meeting minutes, you can use the
E-Mail Page command (in the Outlook group on the Home tab) to send perfectly
formatted minutes to other attendees without ever leaving OneNote.
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