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Presentation View Options
Click the Outline
tab here . . .
. . . to see slide titles
and bullet text
in this pane
Figure 18-5 Use Outline view to make large text edits.
You can also change the order of slides in the deck from the Outline tab. To move a slide
in Outline view, select the small slide icon to the left of any slide title. When the pointer
changes to a large, four-headed arrow, click to select the entire slide, and then drag it to
the new location in the outline hierarchy. As you drag, the horizontal line indicates the
destination for the text you’re dragging. Figure 18-6 shows the mouse pointer you see when
moving a slide in the Outline tab.
INSIDE OUT Formatting text using the Outline tab
When working with the Outline tab, you can select multiple bulleted lines at the same
time by holding down the Ctrl key as you click to select slide titles or bullets—even
those that are not immediately before or after your first selection. Use commands on
the Home tab to apply custom formatting to all the items in your selection. You can’t
reorder noncontiguous bullets in this way, but it does make quick work of what would
otherwise be a series of repetitive formatting operations.
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