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Presentation View Options
Figure 18-6 Dragging slides in the Outline tab reorders them. If you move the text of one slide
directly into the middle of another slide, PowerPoint adjusts the outline hierarchy.
You can select individual bullets in much the same way you select entire slides. This makes
fairly quick work of rearranging all your slide-show text. You can also right-click a bullet or
slide title in the Outline tab to promote a bullet point to a slide title, to demote a slide title
to a bullet point, or to move the current selection up or down.
Slide Sorter View
When you need to work with more slides than you can see in the thumbnails on the Slides
tab in Normal view, switch to Slide Sorter view, shown in Figure 18-7. In this view, you work
with slides as objects rather than with the individual placeholders.
In Slide Sorter view, you can’t edit the text on individual slides or change the placement of
content placeholders. You can duplicate one or more slides by selecting them and
pressing Ctrl+D. The duplicated slides appear immediately after the last slide in your selection
and are selected after being duplicated so that you can drag them to a new location if
Because this view lets you see so many of the slides in your presentation, it makes quick
work of rearranging slides by dragging and dropping. In Slide Sorter view, you can see slide
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