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Presentation View Options
Figure 18-8 In Reading view, you see each slide, absent speaker notes and thumbnails for other
Notes Page View
In Normal view, you get a small window just below the slide where you can add and store
presentation notes. Some people use this as a place to keep their presentation script, while
others use it to store agenda topics or key points they want to be sure to mention. If you’re
creating a training presentation, this is also a good place for additional instructions that are
simply too long to place directly on the slide.
As shown in Figure 18-9, Notes Page view gives you a larger area to edit the notes that you
start in Normal view.
For some presentations, you might want to use Notes Page view to share extended
commentary with your audience. This strategy is sensible for a “training the trainers”
presentation, for example. If you just want to share your slides in printed form with the audience,
you can use handouts, which don’t include notes.
For more information on how to format and print handouts, see “Creating Notes and
Handouts” on page 642.
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