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Presentation View Options
Figure 18-9 See notes you enter in Normal view in a larger window with Notes Page view. Here,
you can edit your notes and preview how the page would look if it were printed.
About Master Views
Master views contain all of the behind-the-scenes layout and formatting for the slides your
audience sees. This is where the exact positioning of placeholders is defined, as well as the
formatting characteristics of the text contained in each. This is also where you can define
objects—like a company logo—that appear on every slide.
There are three types of master slides: slide, handout, and notes. The slide master contains
master slide templates for each of the slide layouts in your presentation. In Slide Master
view, you can rearrange placeholders, insert additional graphics, modify the formatting of
text, and insert content placeholders using the available ribbon options.
Figure 18-10 shows Slide Master view.
To change individual slide layouts, click the layout you want to modify in the pane at
the left, and then make your adjustment. The changes you make affect only the current
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