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Editing the Presentation Text
To see your presentation in this view, click the Slide Show button on the status bar (just to
the left of the Zoom slider) or press F5. Doing so starts your slide show from the beginning.
Alternatively, you can use the From Current Slide or From Beginning commands on the
Slide Show tab to choose the starting slide.
For more information on how to navigate in Slide Show view, see “Delivering a Live
Presentation” on page 633.
Editing the Presentation Text
Presentations consist of many different elements, but the most common is the basic “Click
to add text” variety. But what if you need to add a “Confidential” warning with an embargo
date at the top of each slide or type your company’s tagline just above each slide’s title? In
either of these cases, you need to add text in a nonstandard location, outside the familiar
boundaries of default layout types. This requires the creation of a text placeholder.
On the Insert tab, click the Text Box option, and then click the slide approximately where
you want the text box to be located. The exact location doesn’t matter because you can
always move it later. Once you type your text, the text box you inserted becomes another
placeholder on your slide.
For more information about working with text in PowerPoint, including formatting text,
inserting symbols and special characters, checking spelling, and more, see Chapter 5, “Enter-
ing, Editing, and Formatting Text.”
One of the fastest ways to edit text is to use the Outline tab in Normal view. Modifying slide
text in the outline is quicker than adding or removing individual text boxes on the slide
itself. In this small pane, press Enter to add new slides or bullet points, press Tab to move
the current line to a new, lower level, and use Shift+Tab to promote bullets in the outline
Here’s an example where this technique comes in handy. You start with a slide listing five
topics you plan to cover in your presentation, each as a bullet point in a text placeholder,
and you want to quickly create a new slide for each item in the list. Start by clicking the
slide icon to the left of your summary slide, and then press Ctrl+D to duplicate that slide.
In the Outline tab, position the insertion point anywhere in the first bullet point on the new
slide and press Shift+Tab to turn that bullet into a slide title. Repeat that process for the
remaining four bullet points. You now have five new slides ready to ill in. (As one final bit
of cleanup, be sure to delete the slide containing the duplicated—and now redundant—
title from your original summary slide.)
Using the Enter and Tab keys in the Outline tab, you can quickly build the framework for
your entire presentation this way. Remember that this technique is most effective for slides
that use a title and a single text box. For more advanced slide layouts that include graphics,
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