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Building a Presentation from Scratch
Titles of new slides Top-level bullet
Second-level bullets Third-level bullets
Figure 18-12 Use styles in Word to dictate the low of text on your PowerPoint slides. Each
Heading 1 entry becomes a slide title, with subheadings becoming bullets.
To convert a Word outline to a PowerPoint presentation, choose All Outlines as your file
type in the Open dialog box in PowerPoint. When the Word outline is opened, PowerPoint
looks for heading styles. For example, text formatted with the Heading 1 style becomes the
title of a new slide in PowerPoint.
Figure 18-13 shows the outline in Figure 18-12 converted to a PowerPoint slide.
To learn how to use heading styles in Word, see “Applying Styles” on page 226.
Once your text is in place, you can use the Design tab to apply a theme and quickly
enhance how your presentation looks visually.
For more information on themes in Office 2010, see “Using Office Themes” on page 185.
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