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Building a Presentation from Scratch
Figure 18-13 Once opened in PowerPoint, Word outlines quickly populate a PowerPoint slide
Adding Slides from an Outline
Just as you can start a presentation from a Word outline, you can also use a Word outline
to add slides to an existing presentation. This is useful when you’ve already selected a
design in PowerPoint and just need to ill in the text. That way, you don’t have to start with
a blank presentation.
Start by selecting the slide that will appear before the newly inserted slides. Then, on the
Home tab, click the arrow beneath the New Slide command, click Slides From Outline, and
pick the Word file containing your outline text.
Using a Template or Design
To save time, create a presentation by using one of the PowerPoint templates that come
complete with both design elements and sample text. This approach is useful when you
have a standard presentation to deliver, such as one designed to accompany a training
class. To create a presentation using a template, click File, click the New tab, and browse
through the collection in the Sample Templates folder. You can also select from a much
larger selection of templates on
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