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Using Slide Sections
Alternatively, you can create a presentation with the design elements of a template but
without the suggested text. To select from all available themes, click the New tab in
Backstage view and double-click Themes.
Using Slide Sections
Dividing your presentation into sections allows you to group related sets of slides into
logical categories. This feature, which is new in PowerPoint 2010, is useful when you’re working
with large presentation decks or when you’re collaborating with another person and each
of you is responsible for a specific set of slides. You can also use sections as you begin a
new presentation to organize the larger ideas that you want to communicate.
Sections can be defined in either Slide Sorter view or Normal view. Choose the slide you
want to use as the first one in your new section. On the Home tab, in the Slides group, click
Section, and then click Add Section. (You can also right-click just before the first slide in a
new section and choose Add Section from the shortcut menu.) With the new section
created, click Section, click Rename Section, and give the set of slides that follow a meaningful
explanation. Figure 18-14 shows several sections in Slide Show view.
Figure 18-14 Defined sections can be collapsed to narrow your view to a specific set of slides.
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