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Working with Graphics
Working with Graphics
The term “graphics” in PowerPoint encompasses tables, pictures, clip art, screenshots,
shapes, SmartArt, and charts—all of which can be inserted from the Insert tab. As you
add graphics to your presentation, remember to use Office 2010 tools and image
For example, when you have multiple objects on one slide, use the Selection pane (on the
Home tab, in the Editing group, click Select, and then click Selection Pane) to work with
them. In the Selection pane, you can give each object a descriptive name—like “Penguin
Pic” instead of “Content Placeholder 4.” This is also a useful place to select an object that is
stacked on top of or below another, because it can be difficult to isolate the one object you
need to work with.
For details about selecting, positioning, and resizing graphics, see “Working with Drawing
Layers in Office Documents” on page 150.
Then, use the new artistic textures to add interest to your images. With Live Preview
thumbnails in the gallery, you can see what effect the changes have on your picture before
you make your final selection.
In Office 2010, you now have the option to customize any photo by cropping out
unneeded elements and removing the photo background altogether.
For information about cropping, color correction, and artistic effects, see “Making Your
Pictures Look Great” on page 163.
For keeping multiple objects in order, use the alignment options on the Format contextual
tabs. They give you several options for aligning one object on the basis of another object’s
position. A more visual way to see this alignment is by adding an on-screen grid: select
View Gridlines from the Align option on the Format tab.
Enabling the grid adds vertical and horizontal dotted lines to your presentation in Normal
view. This way, when you move objects, there’s no guesswork as to whether they’re lined up
with any other object on the slide.
The grid’s spacing is set in the Grid And Guides dialog box, shown in Figure 18-17. You can
change this setting by selecting Grid Settings from the Align option on the Format tab.
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