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Working with Video
section, and adjust the volume. For times when you prefer to not show the video control
panel during a presentation, you can remove this panel from Slide Show view by clearing
the Show Media Controls check box in the Set Up group on the Slide Show tab.
Unfortunately, you’ll often have access to a video that has dead space at the beginning or
end or is simply too long for your presentation’s needs. For these instances, click Trim Video
(in the Editing group on the Playback tab under Video Tools).
Figure 18-19 shows a 24-second video that has been trimmed to just 10 seconds by
shaving time off both the front and back of the embedded video.
Figure 18-19 Set your video start and stop times by entering times directly in the boxes or by
dragging the start and stop points on the timeline.
Actually, the Playback tab under Video Tools offers several options for controlling how your
video appears during your presentation, including fade in and fade out options, playback
looping and rewind, and the ability to play the video in full-screen mode. There’s also an
option that allows you to hide your video in Slide Show view when it isn’t playing. The only
problem with this option is that if the video playback isn’t triggered by an automatic
animation, you have no way of accessing the video during your presentation.
Another option on this tab allows you to add bookmarks , which are points in your video
and audio files that you save for easy access later. Bookmarks allow you to jump to specific
audio or video segments within a larger media file and also to start animation effects based
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