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Applying Themes
You can also edit the header and footer at the bottom of Backstage view’s Print menu by
clicking the Edit Header & Footer link. This brings up the same dialog box shown in
Figure 18-22.
Applying Themes
Whether you’re designing a presentation for this year’s PTA fundraiser or creating a project
status report, applying a theme can save you considerable design time. As in other Office
programs, themes store related sets of fonts, colors, and graphic effects that affect all slides
in a presentation.
But in PowerPoint, themes also bring along background colors and images as well as
customized slide layouts. Because of this, themes are ideally suited for on-screen presentations.
The same themes you see in other Office applications on the Page Layout tab are located in
PowerPoint on the Design tab. The Themes gallery is shown in Figure 18-23.
Figure 18-23 Themes in PowerPoint provide fonts, colors, and graphic effects, just as in other
Office programs. In PowerPoint, they also provide background graphics and slide layouts.
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