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Layering Animation Effects
Figure 19-2 Set a selected object’s animation effect from the Animation gallery. You can assign
multiple animations to an object.
Layering Animation Effects
Like we said, animation is best experienced. Toward that end, let’s walk through an example
to see how animation works. Figure 19-3 shows a slide ready for animation.
Right now, the slide looks like a jumbled mess with all the layered content. That’s where
animation comes in. We’ll use animation to control how and when each of these objects is
displayed on the screen and when each leaves. This way, to the viewer, the slide looks like a
seamless video. In this example, the slide begins with the text and employee pictures along
with prerecorded narration.
For more information about recording narration on a slide, see “Recording Narration” on
page 632.
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