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Layering Animation Effects
The next items to appear on the slide are the small images next to each of the bulleted
list items. Select all three by using the Ctrl key and then apply the Float In entrance effect.
Finally, we need to set the Appear entrance effect for the viewer instructions and the three
arrows. A selection technique that works well here is to drag around the objects you want
to select, effectively “lassoing” them with your mouse, as shown in Figure 19-4.
Figure 19-4 Only objects that are completely surrounded by your “lasso” are included in the
selection. In this figure, only the viewer instructions text box and three arrows are selected. The
lasso technique is a good way to select small or layered objects.
Unlike in previous versions of PowerPoint, in PowerPoint 2010, all animations must be
added using the Animations tab. Once animations are added, you can display the
Animation pane, shown in Figure 19-5, by clicking the Animation Pane option on the Animations
tab and then edit animations that have been set up.
INSIDE OUT Assign names to objects
If you see a list of generic names in the Animation pane, open the Selection And
Visibility pane (click the Home tab, and in the Editing group click Select, Selection Pane), and
rename your slide objects. For more information on renaming objects using the
Selection And Visibility pane, see “Working with Multiple Graphics and Pictures” on page 152.
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