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Layering Animation Effects
With the Animation pane, you can reorder your animations, preview them, and modify their
timing and effect options. Numbers in the Animation pane correspond to numbers
displayed next to the animated object on the slide. You can click a number in either place to
highlight the corresponding number in the other, making it easy to find a particular
animation in the list or on the slide.
Figure 19-5 Objects are identified in the Animation pane by their assigned name.
Options in the Animation pane are unavailable.
This typically happens when no animation has been assigned. Remember, all animations
must be added using the Animations tab. Then you can use the Animation pane to
work with existing animations.
It’s in the Animation pane that you can remove animations you added by using the
Animations tab. To remove an animation, click the arrow next to the animation, and choose
Remove from the menu. If you want to change an existing animation to a different
animation, you need to use options in the Animation group (click Animation Styles or choose
from the gallery), not the Add Animation tool. From there you can change the animation
effect that has been applied without needlessly adding additional effects. To fully work with
animations, you need to switch back and forth between the Animations tab and the
Animation pane.
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