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Setting Additional Effect Options
Figure 19-8 Triggers can be used to display hidden objects when another object is clicked or
when a bookmark in a playing video is reached.
INSIDE OUT Overlay text on a video with animation
You can use text boxes with animation triggers to overlay text on top of a playing video
at defined bookmarks. This works well to create a closed-captioning effect or to
highlight specific areas of a video.
To start, create bookmarks for your video at the points when text should appear. Then
create a text box, apply entrance and exit animation, and apply a trigger to display the
text box at a specified bookmark. As soon as the playing video reaches the bookmark,
the text box animation is triggered. If you want to overlay multiple boxes, be sure to
set exit animation or define a duration for each text box. Otherwise, you end up with
text boxes running over the top of one another.
Setting Additional Effect Options
Each animation has various settings and effects that control how the animation appears. To
preview and select these options, select an animation in the Animation pane, and then click
Effect Options on the Animations tab. A gallery of effects appears, and as you point to each
one, a live preview demonstrates the effect.
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