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Setting Additional Effect Options
When you start customizing animation effects, it’s easy to select the wrong type of
animation in the Animation pane because they all look alike. You could end up setting
the rewind option on a text’s entrance effect, which, instead of rewinding the emphasis
animation, takes the text off the slide altogether. Pay attention to the icon next to each
animation. Green stars indicate entrance effects, yellow stars indicate emphasis effects,
and red stars indicate exit effects.
Figure 19-10 shows the Effect tab in the effect options dialog box for a Grow/Shrink
emphasis animation.
Figure 19-10 The settings on the Effect tab are different for each animation type.
On this tab, you can customize the size and animation of the text. You can also add a sound
effect and choose to hide text that has already appeared in the animation. This last option
is effective when you’re showing a bulleted list and want previous bullets to disappear as
each new bullet is displayed.
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