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Planning and Rehearsing a Presentation
You can use the Timing options on the Transitions tab to define whether a transition occurs
automatically after a set length of time or only when the presenter chooses to advance the
slide (on mouse click).
The timing you enter here is independent of the duration you enter on the Animations
tab. If the total of the timings you set for animation effects is greater than the slide
duration you enter on the Transitions tab, the animation timings take precedence.
To remove a transition already assigned to a slide, choose None at the top of the Transitions
For more information about working in Normal or Slide Sorter view, see “Presentation View
Options” on page 584.
Planning and Rehearsing a Presentation
Preceding every great presentation is usually a lot of practice. The first thing you need
to determine is what your primary method of delivery will be. Will this be a self-running
presentation set up for individual viewers or for a booth at a conference? Will you be
delivering it live before an audience? Will you print your slides? Will your presentation use a
combination of these options?
As an example, we’ll go back to our new-hire orientation. In most cases, this presentation
will be run by a new employee who watches the presentation and occasionally clicks to
advance to a new topic. It’s unlikely that the slides will be printed because the pertinent
information is already contained in the employee handbook.
An automatic presentation like this brings up a few questions: How long will the
presentation be? How long should each slide remain on the screen? Will you include audio
Instead of guessing how long each slide should remain on the screen, you can use the
Rehearse Timings option on the Slide Show tab to make a practice run through the
presentation. As you watch and listen to the presentation in Slide Show view, PowerPoint records
the time. Each time you click to move to the next slide, the time the last slide was on the
screen is recorded, and that slide’s timing is set.
For a presentation that runs automatically, it’s a good idea to have someone unfamiliar with
the content use rehearsal mode. This way, you can get a true picture of how long someone
new to the presentation needs to become familiar with the message on each slide. To start
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