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Recording Narration
rehearsal mode, click Rehearse Timings on the Slide Show tab. This switches your
presentation into Slide Show mode and displays the Recording toolbar, shown in Figure 19-13.
Time for entire presentation
Restart counter for current slide
Time for current slide
Pause timing rehearsal
Next slide or animation
Figure 19-13 Use the Recording toolbar to see how long each slide in your presentation is on
the screen. When you finish, you can save or discard the slide timings.
Once you start the rehearsal, go ahead and practice your presentation aloud or have
someone else review the content for you. This gives you a good idea of the pacing to use and
ensures that each slide is displayed for the right amount of time.
While working in rehearsal mode, you can also pause at any time to make notes,
collect your thoughts, or answer your phone. Click Resume Recording in the dialog box
that appears after you pause to start again right where you left off. One great benefit to
rehearsal is that you get an overall idea of just how long your presentation will last.
You can end rehearsal mode at any time by pressing Esc. It also ends when you reach the
last slide in your presentation. In either case, you’re given the option of saving the timings
recorded in rehearsal mode as the actual timing for each slide.
Recording Narration
Near the Rehearse Timings option on the Slide Show tab is a feature new to PowerPoint
2010, Record Slide Show. This option allows you to set the length of time each slide appears
on the screen—like rehearsing timings—and you have the additional options of recording
narration and the mouse laser pointer at the same time.
For example, in our new-hire orientation, we could use this option to reduce the amount
of text a new employee has to read and supplement what remains with an audio voiceover.
The Record Slide Show option offers two choices: you can start the recording from the first
slide or from the currently selected slide. Either way, you first need to decide exactly what
you will record, as shown in Figure 19-14.
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