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Delivering a Live Presentation
Figure 19-14 When you choose to record a slide show, you can record slide and animation
timings, narrations and the mouse laser pointer, or both.
Once the recording starts, you use the Recording toolbar shown earlier in Figure 19-13 as
you would when you’re running a rehearsal.
When you record audio narration for a self-running presentation (one that runs without
a live presenter), the audio adds depth, making the presentation feel more interactive.
In addition, recording narration eliminates the need to add a separate audio file to each
slide from the Insert tab. (For information about inserting and editing audio on a slide, see
“Working with Audio” on page 607.)
Enabling the narration option also records your mouse actions when you enable it as a laser
pointer, which is helpful if you plan to point to specific areas on a slide, like the high point
on a chart. (For more information about this feature, see “Turning Your Mouse into a Laser
Pointer” on page 638.) After you record your slide show, the new slide timings are applied to
each slide. You can see them in Slide Sorter view just below each slide thumbnail, or on the
Transitions tab in the Timing group.
Note that when you add narration through the Record Slide Show option, a small speaker
icon is added to each slide, which indicates that audio narration has been recorded for the
slide. In Normal view, you can click that icon to hear or edit the audio. However, the icon
does not appear in Slide Show view because the Hide During Show option is enabled by
default; you can find this option in the Audio Options group on the Playback tab under
Audio Tools.
Delivering a Live Presentation
The animations are in; transitions are set. It’s time to actually present this slide show in front
of a live audience. It might be to just one new employee, or you might need to present a
security briefing to the entire company. Either way, you use the Set Up Show dialog box
shown in Figure 19-15 (click Set Up Slide Show on the Slide Show tab to view the dialog
box) to define how the presentation will ultimately be delivered.
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