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Delivering a Live Presentation
Figure 19-15 Set up your slide show by working through each of the five groups—Show Type,
Show Options, Show Slides, Advance Slides, and Multiple Monitors—to define how you’ll use this
Each time you get ready to present, use the Set Up Show dialog box to customize how your
presentation will appear. You can make the following settings:
The three options under Show Type determine the availability of other options in
the Set Up Show dialog box. Presented By A Speaker (Full Screen) provides the most
options, including Presenter view (if you are using more than one monitor) and the
ability to change the annotation pen color. If you select Browsed By An Individual
(Window), you lose both of these options. Choosing Browsed At A Kiosk (Full Screen)
disables Presenter view and makes the slide show set to loop continuously until you
press the Esc key.
Under Show Options, you specify how the show plays. When Loop Continuously Until
‘Esc’ is selected, after your slide show reaches the last slide, it starts the presentation
again instead of fading to a blank slide. This works well for presentations set to run
at trade shows or at the front desk to greet customers as they walk into your office.
Another good use of this feature is a presentation for a school science fair project. It
cycles through the slide deck until someone tells it to stop.
If you have recorded narration or applied animations, the next two check boxes allow
you to disable those features when Slide Show view is activated. Pen Color sets the
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