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Delivering a Live Presentation
default pen color for annotations. (This color can be changed during the presentation
from the shortcut menu in Slide Show view.) Laser Pointer Color sets the color of your
laser pointer when it’s activated during a presentation. For more information, see
“Turning Your Mouse into a Laser Pointer” on page 638.
Under Show Slides, you can specify a range of slides that play during the
presentation. This option comes in handy when you need to present just a portion of your
entire deck. This is a good place to denote a range of slides that make up just one
or two sections. Keep in mind, though, that the range of slides must be
continuous. Finally, if you have custom shows set up, you can choose the custom show you
need to play here. For information about custom shows, see “Creating Custom Slide
Shows” on page 657.
Under Advance Slides, you have the option to use slide timings or not. Slide timings
are set manually on the Transitions tab or automatically by using the Rehearse
Timings or Record Slide Show options. By selecting Manually, you override all slide
timings. This way, the presentation animations and slides advance only on the presenter’s
cue. For more information on setting slide timings, see “Planning and Rehearsing a
Presentation” on page 631.
Under Multiple Monitors, you specify whether you want to use Presenter view and,
if you do, on which monitor Slide Show view should be displayed. With Presenter
view, you can show your presentation with speaker notes on a different monitor. For
details, see “Working with Presenter View” on page 638.
Before you begin your presentation, check to be sure that the resolution on your
computer matches the resolution of the projector. If they don’t match, you can run into
display issues or your slides might be cropped. You can use the aspect ratio in the Page
Setup dialog box to correct this at presentation time, although you should try to verify
this setting well before you arrive for your presentation. You can also change the
resolution by using options in the Monitors group on the Slide Show tab to match a
projector’s settings. For more information about setting the aspect ratio, see “Customizing
Your Presentation’s Design” on page 608.
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