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Navigating in Slide Show View
Navigating in Slide Show View
When working in Slide Show view, you have a fair amount of control over how your slides
progress. Ideally, your slides have been created in a logical first, next, last order, but
sometimes delivery isn’t always as succinct. What are your options? Table 19-1 shows the
keyboard shortcuts you can use while delivering a slide show.
Table 19-1 Shortcut Keys for Controlling a Slide Show
Shortcut Key
Go to the next slide
N, Enter, Page Down, Right Arrow, Down Arrow,
or Spacebar (also: left mouse click)
Go to the previous slide
P, Page Up, Left Arrow, Up Arrow, Backspace
Go to a specific slide
number , Enter
Display a blank, black slide
B or .
Display a blank, white slide
W or ,
Display All Slides dialog box
If you need to navigate to a specific slide in Slide Show view, but you don’t know the slide
number, press Ctrl+S to bring up the All Slides dialog box, shown in Figure 19-16.
Figure 19-16 From the All Slides dialog box, you can select the slide to display by using the
presentation’s slide titles.
A shortcut menu dedicated to Slide Show view appears when you right-click during a
presentation. Its commands allow you to navigate to a specific slide, show a black or white
screen, or end the show from any slide, among other options.
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