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Adding Annotations During a Slide Show
To return to the first slide, press and hold the left and right mouse buttons until the
first slide appears (about 2 seconds).
Adding Annotations During a Slide Show
During your presentation, you can create on-screen annotations, which is useful for
highlighting certain areas of the presentation without altering the content. Annotations turn
your mouse pointer into one of three shapes: an arrow, a pen, or a highlighter.
While using Slide Show view, right-click any slide to display the shortcut menu. From there,
click Pointer Options, and choose the type of annotation you want. You can also set the ink
color and specify whether your pointer is hidden or visible while you’re presenting (choose
Pointer Options, Arrow Options). Note that you can change the default color of your slide
show pen in the Set Up Show dialog box. After selecting Pen or Highlighter, just drag with
the left mouse button to draw on your slide.
Each time you advance to the next slide, you need to choose an annotation pointer again.
When you reach the end of the presentation (or press Esc to stop), you have the option of
saving the annotations or discarding them, as shown in Figure 19-17.
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